Cooking from the freezer

It’s that time of year – Lambfest is almost upon us so it’s time to clear out the freezer.

It’s weird I know. For a few reasons.

1.Who hosts Lambfest? Me!  That’s who. I don’t eat lamb during Lent and while that’s not a big deal to a lot of people, it’s a beast in steady rotation here at the Devotta-Medland household. I’ve written more about it here. But the key point is that I purchase a half (or, a whole) already-butchered lamb and that requires a lot of freezer space.

2.Who needs to spring clean their deep freeze? Me!  Probably you too! From a long lost package of hot dogs to freezies and popsicles that fell out of the Costco-sized box at the beginning of the summer. From pomegranate seeds we froze at Christmas to herbs from the garden we turned into pesto or preserved and froze in oil. Who knows what lies at the bottom of the freezer so it’s time to find out!

3.Who wants to save money right before a feast? Who doesn’t?! If I can cook mostly foods I’ve discovered in the depths of the freezer and in the pantry, I can save us at least $100 Which goes straight towards the Easter feast budget.

Here’s what I found in the freezer:

A turkey breast.  As in an entire turkey breast. It’s is currently in the oven covered in spices, tomatillos, onions, peppers and beans going from a frozen rock to slow-cooked green chilli.

Two packages of baresse sausages. For the girls lunch tomorrow or Wednesday alongside a can of baked beans. Yes, I know they aren’t English bangers but my kids need more pasta (aka white carbs) like a hole-in-the-head!

A package of chicken thighs. I’m not in a rush to cook these as quite frankly, I don’t like poultry very much. Duck being the exception. So I’ll leave this in the freezer for a bit longer for an emergency sheet pan meal in the next couple of weeks. Or enchiladas. Or curry. Or butter chicken.

A container of chicken curry. I’ll take this out of the freezer in the next day or two when we are all tired of eating chile.

Two bags of cauliflower “rice”. Costco was selling these for not that much so I bought a couple of bags when the middle-y discovered she could eat cauliflower instead of rice. Then I promptly forgot they were there. I’ll cook this up when we defrost the curry.

Several bags of frozen herbs. I’m cooking with those all week.

A couple of containers of pesto. This is like a summer surprise just waiting to be added to a risotto, a pasta – or my favourite – the lamb chops we’ll get with the lamb purchase this week. Sadly our BBQ has been disconnected but I can make it work on the gas stove.

A frozen pizza. It’s for those stupid “I want pizza” cravings we all get. Except I really hate this brand and I’m cutting back the white carbs that make us all a little crazy. It will sit in the freezer for a few more months despite my wanting to pitch it in the compost. Why? Because Mark won’t want to waste it.

Five ham and cheese sandwiches. Sometimes I set up an assembly line – and a crew of children belonging to me – and they make and bag sandwiches for those days when there are no other options. These got dolled out today against my better judgement but there wasn’t any cooked lunch

A handful of frozen cherries. Turned into a cheerful looking smoothie with greek yogurt.

An almost full bag of recently purchased frozen veg. As long as the seal keeps closing, these will keep well and we will finish the bag in a couple of weeks.

A pyrex of unknown contents. Currently defrosting because I’m curious.

Half-a-dozen cranberry banana muffins. Which I really want to eat toasted up with butter.

Two lobster tails. OMG. I’m just going to spontaneously poach these bad boys in butter one day. Maybe for ultra luxe breakfast on Easter Sunday.  If only I could get my hands on some briny east coast oysters too!

What’s hanging out in the depths of your freezer? What are you going to make with it?

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