Saturday Supper Club: Fam for Family Day

It’s Family Day weekend and when it first started Mark and I would cook each other elaborate three course meals to celebrate belated Valentine’s. That lasted until our first one at this house which was also was the first one with two girls not just one. It was…tougher than one of us thought it would be and not nearly as rewarding as we wanted it to be. So, we temporarily scrapped that. Eight years later we still haven’t revived it; but, used the weekend as a way to cook for the Fam aka Dumboo, Nana, Roro and Bella. The girls were supposed to cook. They planned a delicious menu and R texted me the grocery list. Every time I saw them during the week they had the recipe book with them. R wants to be a chef. We were optimistic. We spent the hour before the Fam arrived finishing the dishes they “made” and finding an alternative dessert because the oven was occupied.

It all worked out better then we thought it would. The olive bread crusted pork chops that we dipped in Greek yogurt first to tenderize did NOT dry out cooked on low and then finished on high to give it a crunch. The gnocchi goddesses claimed the first batch but the rest after we added more flour ended up light and fluffy not dense and we replaced the parmigiano with Havarti because L and my Dad hate parmigiana and sprinkled blanched salted asparagus all over it!

It was delightful-the food, the wine and as always the company. Everyone liked what we cooked. The impromptu dessert replacement of pears with chocolate sauce and almonds worked well and good times were had.

Hope you had a good feast big or small with family- however you define that-too!

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