Saturday Supper Club: Ish

Last night we had friends over for just the second time since the New Year. Two families, plus our own was a manageable six adults and six kiddos. So we-well I, decided to make it a bit of a dinner party. A, Supper Club night, if you will.

To be honest, when we first brought Monte home, I wasn’t overly optimistic about resuming Supper Club. But we’ve gotten into a good routine with him. We’ve also realized the trick is to include at least one family that loves dogs. They get playtime with the puppy; we get time to finish cooking and actually talk to our friends.

Other than the obvious, which is that yesterday was Friday, there are a few other guidelines for Supper Club that we didn’t follow:

  • No printed menu
  • Kids ate first
  • We didn’t cook everything

Here’s how it totally fit the bill:

  • I made a new dish
  • Everyone (except for two kids) tried it. Everyone except for one kid liked it.
  • The menu came together well
  • Excellent conversation
  • Good wine- whomever gave us that bottle of Smoking Loon Cab-Sauv it was delish!
  • Fantastic conversations with grown ups

What we served/cooked:

  • Brussel sprouts with bacon and pancetta, maple syrup and toasted pecans
  • Potato and cottage cheese perogies (homemade-ish, not by us so I guess small batch would be more accurate)
  • Italian donuts for dessert (totally not made by anyone in attendance)
  • Annnnnddddd…. cabbage rolls. Seriously. Hear me out in this one.

It was cold last night. I needed to make something that would be filling but delicious. Most of us grew up hating cabbage rolls which were a steamed, over cooked (aka stinky), rice stuffed item drowning in canned pasta sauce. This was a roasted Savoy cabbage leaf (that I totally forgot to blanch first but we ended up liking it that way!) stuffed with equal parts shredded and cooked root vegetables (celeriac, rutabaga, sweet potato, yellow potato plus leeks, vidalia onions and garlic) and ground pork with chopped kielbasa.

The veg was cooked fully in sage butter and a little bit of chicken stock then cooled fully and combined into the meat mixture.

The pork and kielbasa was browned and cooked fully in a separate skillet.

Everything was seasoned with salt, pepper and fresh thyme.

Line each cabbage leaf with prosciutto then the stuffing, folded the leaf over and put on a baking tray.

Just over an hour later in a 350 oven they were done.

I served them sauceless, accompanied by perogies with butter sautéed onions and the warm brussel sprouts with pancetta, toasted pecans and maple syrup. The latter wasn’t exactly Eastern European inspired but went well with the ingredients in the rolls and added a nice brightness.

The donuts were from a great fantastic bakery one of guests frequents and appreciated by all. If I had made dessert it would definitely have been this:

That’s a chocolate hazelnut carrot cake. Recipe on the next post.

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