Trimming the tree is apparently not for Mondays

For the last several years we have been buying our tree on a Sunday. Then it needs a day to open, settle and recover from being cursed at by Mark when he either had to shove it into the truck or cut the bottom. We trimmed the tree one year right after we set it up. It fell over in the middle of the night and scared the life out of me. My husband grunted and told me it wasn’t anything. 

This year, we bought the tree on Saturday then went out all day Sunday and our regular evening routine took over. It’s now Monday and my girls had to be asked to decorate the tree. There were Christmas carols playing and the lights were already on the tree. The house decorations were up so every effort had been made, short of eggnog (blech!) to create a pretty atmosphere. They put about 20 ornaments up….and called it quits.

I’ve let them know they have until the end of the week to finish trimming the tree, otherwise I’m taking over. And that means all of the colourful lights, crazy ornaments, cheese gifted ornaments and homemade pieces are coming down and will be replaced by twinkling white fairy lights, along with rose gold and navy blue decorations. Mark is hoping they step up before I spend even more money buying new stuff that he doesn’t have any place to store for the other 11 months.

Edited to add: They followed through and did a great job finishing it up in Friday morning before school.


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