Unofficial Supper Club: Friendsgiving Menu

There remains an unwritten post about Friendsgiving that could be called “The dinner party that almost broke us.” For now, I bring you this: our contributions to the menu and the even more exciting leftovers menu (stay with me).

Turducken. We followed a Food Lab/Serious Eats recipe pretty closely for this. Poaching the chicken breast and searing the duck breasts. Though I don’t know where Americans get their ducks but the mini duck breasts I was able to procure had to go inside the chicken (reverse order and then the turkey was layered with bacon jam before we wrapped it around the chicken-duck. Overall conclusion? Not worth the effort, though glad we tried it. And definitely takes two people working in synch to sssemble it.

Low & slow-roasted turkey legs with roasted tomato butter under the skin that turned crispy from the inside out.

Sausage-leek-apples bread stuffing with roasted garlic and caramlized vidalia onions which we forgot to serve. No one asked either, politeness? When I did discover it in the stove an hour or so after dinner, a few people did indulge and informed us it was great!

Roasted balsamic tomatoes stuffed with three cheeses and breadcrumbs.

Mashed celeriac and Yukon gold potatoes. My girls love this but I think the celeriac threw our guests off.

Homemade (obviously) cranberry sauce. No fancy chutneys or pickles for this crowd.

Buttermilk biscuits which quite frankly were too dry.

Bacon jam.

Gravy made from bacon jam and turkey drippings. Which we ran out of time to make the night of, so I made it for our leftovers. Fairly certain a few family members wanted to use it as soup!

Today, we made turducken carnitas with quick pickled radishes (red wine vinegar, sugar and a pinch of salt) and all-the-things leftover sandwiches (as in everything we made on soft thick cut bread). Hands down, this was a better meal for me.

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