Saturday Supper Club: October Edition, Part Two

Last night was supper club, and yes, it’s only supposed to be once a month but due to a happy miscommunication we had it twice. Here’s what we learned.

1. Much to Mark’s chagrin, I can’t help myself. So not only did I plan Supper Club but I invited two other sets of friends to come over after we ate. Did we have a great time? Yes. Did I break my own supper club rule of not turning it into a mini party and not doing shots of bourbon? Also yes. Do I regret it? Nope.

2. While people will say not to worry about their preferences, because they are familiar with the rules which includes trying new foods that won’t kill you, you will still worry. And it will work out just fine. The guest kids will at least try Cauliflower two ways and happily eat veal wrapped in pancetta because they can relate it to a bacon burger. The non-cheese eating adults will nibble at the post dinner cheese platter put together my two of our guests (sadly. They took that gorgeous serving platter with them!) Five out of six bottles of red wine will be finished…oh wait, there was never a concern about that.

3. Back-to-back supper club weekends are exhausting. It’s an exciting, involved kind of exhausting planning a menu and shopping for it. We probably made a few mistakes we wouldn’t have if it hadn’t been the second week in a row. Things like revamping the menu at the last minute to save on cooking multiple proteins. Mark slicing his finger on the mandoline. My over cooking the veal by keeping it warm in the oven. Us completely exhausting our kids by socializing until midnight. But it was worth it and as one of our guests said, “A definite success and an awesome time.” 

4. This week’s unofficial theme was Budget Friendly, by way of seasonal bulky vegetables, a cut of meat that was in sale and a hearty soup and goat cheese-grape bruschetta to kick off the night. I’m fairly certain that cheese platter cost more than all of the main dishes! To recap, the first one was End of Summer and last week was Soup-to-Nuts. 

5. While I already have a menu started, I think we are going to skip a formal sit down Supper Club next month and extend out the invitation for Friendsgiving. It will be potluck and sit where you can because I don’t have chairs for twenty. But it will still be a tonne of fun!

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