Practical inventory. The school prep begins.

Shoe inventory. With three girls, three years apart there are a lot of hand me down shoes. Some of which clearly have never been worn more than once or at all. Surprisingly, we did have to buy the littlest new shoes and not surprisingly they are pretty darn funky and she is ecstatic. The oldest has two pair of Chucks and a penchant for wearing her shoes until her toes poke through. No complaints here.
These aren't even all the shoes that don't fit anyone yet.

Clothing inventory. Sigh. No, I can't face this yet. I have a vague notion that the younger two don't need anything and I purchased a few pairs of leggings for the oldest already because she has the audacity to have a massive growth spurt. Her legs are longer than mine which isn't saying much but she is eleven with a short mama . So while I will eventually get to clothing inventory, I haven't yet. It does mean avoiding the five dozen sales emails I get on a daily basis because I refuse to buy things they already have just because we can't find them at the moment. Summer clothes will get them through September (which has generally been just as hot as August) just fine.

School supply inventory. Check. But I feel like I missed a stash somewhere. We do, officially have seven million pencil crayons and a dozen useless erasers (the trinket kind that are colourful and ineffective). So we need the basics and that's a shopping trip the girls look forward to taking with Dumbu (my dad) annually. It might be the McDs he buys them for lunch too.

Lunch bags and backpacks.
We needed one new backpack for the middle-y. The Roots one she had was too heavy. The cheap one she had, the zipper broke off. I sent her with my partner in crime to pick up a Jansen backpack and she came back with a smaller one with a monster on it. Apparently the Jansen was too expensive and the logic of not having to replace it next year didn't penetrate either of their thoughts. They also bought bag tags even though we have half a dozen metal bag tags from Mabel's Labels. (I cannot emphasize this enough: label everything. Everything.)

Everyone has lunch bags still and we weaned out the lunch container collection which was unwieldy and had a few warped items. With a thermos, banana holder and extra water bottle for everyone plus multiple snack and sandwich containers. We are set for two days of school lunches and snacks before dishes become imminent.

And finally, dance inventory.
My girls take dance. The middle-y is hardcore and wants to take four classes again but for now is settling for three because she gets that she has siblings. The youngest is starting Jazz after deciding ballet wasn't fun enough. The oldest is taking two classes for now pending homework and sleep-deprivation-induced-'tude. It costs a pretty penny but we want them to have an activity they are passionate about. Thankfully no new shoes are needed and everyone has black leggings and tank tops to at least start the season off.

So, have you take an inventory? Is that something you do or do you just buy as you need or as things go on sale? Did I miss anything?


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