Good idea/Bad idea: Peanut Butter Pie

Did you ever watch Animaniacs? There was a bit they would do called “Good idea/Bad idea”. It was, obviously, ridiculous.

You know what else was ridiculous? This pie.

We made a peanut butter pie.  Covered in chocolate pudding. Usually this is the part where I would write out the steps and details for making chocolate pudding. I did not make it. While I am more than capable and it tastes fantastic, I was working today.

So, with four girls (my three and an extra 8 year old girl) and twenty minutes, we slammed a box of digestive cookies into crumbs with a rolling pin (transferring the cookies to a ziplock bag first. Then we mushed some butter into the crumbs – still in the bag. Finally we smashed and smooshed the crumbs into a pie pan.

Yes, it was absolutely as fun as it sounds.

The next part was a little less hands off as I whipped peanut butter, softened cream cheese and whipped cream into a mousse-like texture. The girls took turns scooping it onto the pie crust; and accidentally getting some on their hands which clearly required eating it.

Lastly, we poured Kozy Shack Chocolate pudding onto it. We had to use Kozy Shack because it’s actual cooked and chilled pudding as opposed to the pudding like plastic cups that sit in the snack aisle.

We chilled the pie for a few hours and half of the taste testers thought it was waaaaaayyy to rich to each more than a tablespoon or two; the other half would happily have consumed much more.

But just because I was working from home doesn’t mean I wasn’t paying attention. So that didn’t happen. Nutella in their granola and fruit for breakfast when I was on a call this morning? Yep, that happened, but I was still working on my coffee so who was I to judge?!


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