Summer Supper


It's a warm summer Saturday and after a day of farmers market and costco shopping; along with grazing through breakfast and lunch, we were hungry! Faced with kale, spinach, baby squash, squash blossoms, spring onions, apples, tomatoes, cherries, strawberries, goats cheese, -all from the market. Lamb loin chops, pork loin chops, and frozen shrimp from Costco, along with a pantry of grains and spices, and an herb garden that I have shockingly not killed after a month, I had some choices to make.

I ended up separating the chops into two freezer bags with marinade: lemon, olive oil, garlic, and oregano in one. And, olive oil, lemon, bourbon, green onions, and cherries in another. I also put aside the kale and spinach for tomorrow or later in the week.

And for dinner, I made:
-heirloom tomatoes, basil from our garden, and fior di latte cheese, seasoned and drizzled with olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar.

-baby/patty-pan squash sautéed in avocado oil, with wilted squash blossoms, some goats cheese, and panko crumbs with a final pat of butter.


-lamb chops marinated for an hour in (homemade parsley pesto: big bunch parsley, fresh lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper) then seared on a smoking hot grill before dropping the temp and cooking them for 4-5 minutes a side on a low flame with the BBQ covered. Mark issues a smoke warning from the oil, saying it wasn’t something you could walk away from. It turned out beautifully seared and so juicy and after actually letting it rest for about ten minutes.

-spring onions drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, seasoned, and wrapped in foil on the grill for the duration of the lamb being cooked. They came out both charred and sweet.

Mark did an amazing job in the grill, taking my request on how to cook the lamb well, given that I wasn’t actually at the grill!

I have to say, that this meal was the best seasonal one we’ve had in the 16 days of summer so far ( including rib fest and last week’s charred corn risotto and Caesar marinated beef skewers).

It went particularly well with a bottle of rose and my girls tell me it was just as good with bubbly water.


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